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Stronger together – Corona guidelines


In these uncertain times, it is only natural that we have lots of questions about fairs and exhibitions and whether or not they should take place in Corona times. It is important to know that since July 23, fairs are not considered as mass events, but as “Companies and associations that offer goods or services to consumers”, such as shopping centers, large retailers and markets. So if the shops are open then fairs are also allowed. (legislation in force on 11 11 2020)

We are regularly asked by certain exhibitors whether our trade fair will take place despite the current lockdown. Of course we do not have a crystal ball and we also have to conform to the guidelines that apply for government reasons.


Nevertheless, we would like to underline the following points :

– We want to remain a fair on a human scale; no comparison with very large fairs in our sector

– We only work with pre-registrations via our website – this way we always know who is present

– If necessary, we will work with time slots – where a maximum of 200 people per 3 hours will be allowed

– Mouth masks compulsory for exhibitors and visitors

– Limited number of visitors per square meter of stand (1 per 10 square meters)

– Catering adapted in accordance with the measures applicable at that time

– Try to deliver your documentation contactless by scan or email as much as possible

– We provide the necessary signalisation for a walking route

– We provide hand hygiene columns at various locations

–  Corona-proof seminar room

– In case we are still Corona unsafe at the beginning of March – we already have a PLAN B ready to move the fair to a later date

– Advances paid will therefore be simply retained


In the spring everyone will want to network in a professional and above all safe way. We consider health, sustainability and safety to be of the most importance.

And all this in a corona-proof setting where the safety of everyone involved is a priority. We look forward to your enthusiasm and participation.

At the moment, the following exhibitors have already agreed to attend:

LPG Benelux , Germaine de Capuccini , Mesoestetic , HDP Medical , Klapp Cosmetics,  Lisine Epstein, Beauty & Energy (Phyto5), LaViesage Cosmetics, Bevo, Studio Puur, Natural face Lifting, Salonkee, Ericsson Labo, Commoda PMU Academy, Massageschool CP, Enfleur Cosmetics, Celestetic, Corrective Cosmetics, DRI Research   ….

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